Resonessence Invicta DAC

Re-inventing the wheel - The Invicta range is the perfect fusion of audio, electrical and mechanical engineering. Offering you an amazing euphoria of unsurpassed musical reproduction. It is capable of transforming your favourite music into a masterpiece for you to enjoy all over again. Never before has your music sounded so real, so lifelike and so emotional. The Invicta will re-invent your entire music collection and enable you to hear what is really happening. Either connected at work or at home the Invicta will make you stop and listen.

For too long the big brand names have been telling you that they can offer you the best performance, but from this point on, the Invicta has changed that.


Resonessence Invicta Backpanel I/OFlexible Connection Options

The Invicta will revolutionise the way you listen to your music. Connected directly to your computer or used with other digital sources such as a CD Player, it supports an extensive array of connections, making it exceptionally easy to plug-'n'-play. By using the very latest technology all inputs are capable of receiving both standard definition and high definition (24bit/192kHz) audio content for you to enjoy. The Invicta also has two independently controlled high quality headphone jacks on the precision cut front face plate, leaving you to enjoy the benefits of the Invicta in private.


Resonessence Invicta Front PanelIntuitive User Interface

The Invicta range uses a large OLED screen to allow for fine grained control over all device settings. Audio source, volume, song selection, and more, are all available at your finger tips, using the beautifully smooth rotary control. The user interface is designed to enhance the audio experience, and faithfully displays the perfect balance of information.


Solid State Playback

As in industry first the Invicta can accomodate a solid state SD card on its front fascia. This enables you to play back high definition audio straight to your ears through the headphone output or to your existing system. Invicta's all-in-one solution saves you from having to connect any other sources and gets you listening to your favourite music quickly and easily.