Design and Manufacturing


Your Invicta has been designed, manufactured and assembled in Canada. At a very early stage it was recognised that in order to succeed it needed to outperform the competition in a number of key areas;-   one of which is build quality. The attention to detail is perhaps best summarised by the chassis designers, IMWorks of Kelowna B.C;

“It is very rare that we are approached by an organization that wants to truly place quality in front of cost. There are many that say quality is foremost, but in practice this is very rarely the case. Resonessence Labs has not restricted our design/build process in any manner. We have managed to complete what we consider to be the perfect chassis for this product.”

By working very closely with IMWorks, many hundreds of hours have been spent perfecting the chassis of your Invicta. The materials, finishes and construction techniques are all done to precise specifications, ensuring that you will be proud of owning one.

The practices chosen for assembly of the chassis are not typical of the conventional electronic enclosure industry. The front panel of your Invicta is a structurally integrated part of the chassis assembly and not just a cover to hide an ugly stamped steel sub-chassis.

The main front panel and chassis base are machined from the highest quality solid 6061 T6 aluminium. The internal sheet metal components and fasteners are all manufactured from stainless steel. Resonessence have used the latest high speed CNC (Computer Numeric Control) machining and CAM (Computer Aided Machining) technology to help complete this process and ensure a precise fitment during the assembly process. Laser etching has been employed for the permanent marking of the front and rear panels. The front panel sub-assembly is extremely complicated and  contains no-less than 27 fasteners. The result of this design is a front panel user interface that feels as if it were carved from a block of granite. The solidness of the switching is profound in its conveyance of tactile feedback. The overall robustness and heavy weight of the chassis design can be felt each and every time a button or knob is operated.

Each unit has been hand assembled and then individually tested at Resonessence's engineering facility in Kelowna B.C. The units are then run continuously for 100 hours prior to shipping. No further burn in is required following shipment.

We believe that you will feel proud of owning your Invicta!