Resonessence Invicta Features


The Invicta is an audio DAC with exceptional technical prowess and impressive feature set, designed to make it the next generation in desirable audio products for everyone.

  • High Definition Audio Playback (up to 32bit/384kHz)
  • Multiple input and output connections including balanced XLR, RCA, Optical and Coaxial
  • Two high quality front-panel headphone outputs each with independent volume control (Invicta Only)
  • Ultra bright OLED high resolution display
  • Customisable settings for display brightness, input levels etc
  • USB connection that automatically switches for MAC and PC connectivity.
  • SD Card reader supports AIFF, WAV, FLAC, DSF and DFF (DSD64 and DSD128) files on SD and SDHC cards
  • SD Card playlist selection on front OLED display
  • Digital output for SD Card and USB audio playback
  • Control of all features from remote control
  • USB play controls (Play/Pause etc.) from front panel and remote control
  • Precise volume adjustment from precision rotary and remote control
  • All internal audio components designed with isolated power supplies
  • USB input is isolated from the system and audio power supplies
  • Uses two ESS Sabre DAC’s for ultimate performance
  • High quality, screened, toroidal power supply
  • All software is written in house by Resonessence programmers (including USB and HDMI) for optimum performance and control
  • All units are software and firmware user upgradable allowing for future enhancements

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Detailed Specification and Information
Invicta Owner's Manual
Invicta User Guide