Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

General Questions

Where can I purchase a Resonessence Invicta?

When is the Invicta going to be available for purchase?

Technical Questions

Why does Invicta have unused connectors on the back panel?

Which USB audio protocols are supported by Invicta?

How can I request a new feature for the Invicta?

Is the Invicta volume control digital or analogue?

Can you clarify why BNC connectors are used on the rear panel?

Does Invicta support reading SDXC memory cards?

Which audio formats are supported by the Invicta SD card reader?

Can you please provide a table of absolute voltage output on the XLR and RCA connectors vs. volume level?

Notes Galvanic Isolation

Ground Connections on the XLR Cable to Invicta

Is the SD Card reader simply a feature or does it have some technical advantages over USB for example ?

Why does Resonessence use the AD797 amplifier?

Why does Resonessence state that the Invicta is designed to drive a power amplifier and not a pre-amplifier?

What amplitude and power does the Invicta provide to the headphone outputs?