Testimonials and Awards

“Have been testing the invicta dac for a while with my legendary Grado HP-2 headphones. The bass reproduction and transient response is the best I’ve heard with my Grados and it drove the hifi HE-500 orthodynamics very very well. Bass was very tight and the impact is deep. The hard hitting bass is very enjoyable to listen. According to my ears, I believe the invicta has a high-end high quality built-in headphone amp that’s better than some headphone amps that cost $1000. I also had the invicta fed the audio-gd C-2 headphone amplifier to see if I could experience this type of bass control and fast attacks. To my amazement, the bass control and performance is still there coming of the C-2 but the invicta’s own headphone amp has a slight edge in the bass and transparency department. This led me to believe that the pre-amp is of high quality as well.”

Vince – January 2012
Edmonton, CA

“I have to say that after just a few listening sessions, I was impressed by the headphone amplifier in the INVICTA. Versus my other converter phone outputs and even my AVA preamp’s output, my AKG K701s headphones never sounded better.”

“On classical music, the INVICTA’s accuracy shined its light on strings. On the 2L Music Blu-ray Ole Bull Violin Concerto (24-bit, 192 kHz sample rate), the rich, multidimensional tones of the violin came alive, but not a hint of strident overtones or harshness emerged. Man, do I like this DAC.”

“The Beatles playback was never less than spectacular with the INVICTA — the 24-bit remaster reveals space and analog resolution that is simply amazing, and the INVICTA brings it all out.”

“And even more important, the sound quality — via its state-of the art design and premium parts selection — compares well with, or even exceeds, the best DACs out there. The headphone amp may be the best I have ever heard with high-resolution music.”

“Kudos to Resonessence Labs for taking the ESS chip, making a high-performance standalone DAC and then adding all the bells and whistles that make it current and, for now, future proof. Does it get an Everything Audio Network Stellar Sound Award. You have to ask?”

John Gadski – Dec 2011
Publisher, Everything Audio Network
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Everything Audio Network Stellar Sound

“Invicta has a world class preamp section. I used the USB connection as I found this the best sounding out of the ones I was able to try. I will say right here this dac has the best transient response of any dac I have ever heard and it has the best bass control of any I have heard as well. Voices sound completely real and the right size. Pipe organ recording are so real it is uncanny. This dac also has pin point imaging for those who value that aspect.It is important to get the set-up right or it can sound slightly edgy. However properly set-up the highs are extended and sweet with an airiness around the individual performers….If I was a recording engineer and could buy any dac on the planet I would probably buy the Invicta.”

Canuck525 – December 2011

“I’ve now had approximately 100 hours + of “break-in” time and I can honestly say that virtually everything that project86 described in his review about the Invicta is absolutely true, and perhaps then some. It is REALLY that good! It’s hard to describe every detail of why I think it sounds so good, but perhaps the best thing I can say is that it makes music sound more real than any other dac I’ve owned or heard. What particularly stood out for me was the portrayal of performers in their correct spatial positions, and this was not accompanied by any exaggerated or artificially enhanced soundstage. This may be in large part due to this dac’s excellent ability to resolve low-level detail but I suspect it may go much beyond this. Going along with this was an amazing sense of “air” surrounding the various performers. Another particularly pleasing characteristic was that all frequencies of the sound spectrum had a “just right” balance, with no under- or overemphasis apparent. In no way did the music seem strident, bassy or unbalanced. Dynamic range was outstanding. The overall presentation was immensely enjoyable and completely non-fatiguing, and this was true even of recordings of somewhat lesser quality, but obviously the dac’s best qualities are brought out by the highest quality source material. In some ways this is all the more remarkable since my listening so far has been with only 16/44 recordings……

“Comments on the headphone amp: ….using my HD800s, which have an impedance of about 300 ohms and are not the easiest headphone to drive, I feel that the Invicta’s amp handles these as well as could be expected. I really don’t listen to music at head-banging levels, but given the Invicta’s ability to reveal the true dynamic range in a good recording, I felt that the amp has plenty of headroom to handle virtually every type of music played at comfortable (and ear-responsible) levels with high level transients and even more sustained high level passages showing no distortion or compression whatsoever. To be honest, I really love the Invicta’s headphone amp, and I now favor it by a wide margin over some fairly expensive separate headphone amps that I have. For me, this validates my original intent to have an all-in-one dac/amp combo of the highest quality that is not a compromise between one or the other. The dac/amp combination that came closest to the Invicta in this regard was the Anedio D1, but I think the Invicta is superior, and not by a small margin either.

“My “bottom line”: I believe that the Invicta is clearly an outstanding dac in every sense of the word. To reiterate what project86 said in his review, I too would not hesitate to recommend it to someone looking for a state-of-the-art dac. Yes, I agree that it is pricey, and there are excellent dacs that may approach – perhaps very closely – the Invicta in sound quality at less cost. But again, for me, one of the main reasons I bought this dac (aside from its sound quality) were the features – I now have what I consider to be the best single-box digital playback system I’ve ever experienced, and I believe if you are looking for something that can achieve this particular goal, then you should put the Invicta very high on your short list.”

T.S. – October 2011
Worchester, USA

“After few weeks break-in, the sound is AMAZING. I am not a native speaker of English. So, I can’t describe my feeling well. Just want you to know that you made a wonderful product!! Keep going, please!”

L.S. – 5th October 2011

“Listening to hi-res material like Livingston Taylor’s 24/96 album “Ink” was a delight. There were just so many examples of brilliant vocals that sounded as if they were there in the room with me. At the same time, the supporting acoustic guitar sounded very precise, with a complete absence of the artificial texture that can sometimes show itself with digital gear. That the vocals and guitar (and everything else) could co-exist and each sound distinct, while the sum total of the performance remained coherent, was very impressive to me. This was micro and macro both being on the same page, to the benefit of the listener.”

“After spending some time with the Resonessence Invicta, I’ve come to a few conclusions. First is that it is the absolute best DAC I have ever heard, and the price is very reasonable considering its status as a state of the art device.”

“If someone is in the market for an ultra high quality DAC, I have zero hesitations in recommending the Invicta.”

“On their website Resonessence uses the line “What if the most technologically advanced design also performed the best in listening tests?” In my admittedly limited experience with it, the Invicta does seem to live up to those claims…….I think Resonessence has an absolute winner on their hands.”

J. G. – June 2011
Reviewer, head-fi.org
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“Seating a 6.3mm headphone jack in one of the Invicta’s ports turns her into Evicta. You’re evicted from this reality and ‘invicted’ into colossal refined detail.”

“Contemplating the whole picture finds that this new company’s maiden product not only aimed high but delivers.”

“…with the external display planned for the future, the Invicta unit should go where no consumer converters have gone before. In my estimation that’s a real coup. It’s a tour-de-force showing for any newcomer and even more so for one that enters a sector that’s as hotly contested as D/A conversion with USB.”

“Full featured in socketry including that unexpected but brilliant SD card slot whose use eliminates a computer for playback altogether.”

“As a very modern headphone/DAC combo which supports two listeners and can feed on memory cards (who’d want a computer in a bedroom or on a porch/balcony for example?), the Invicta would seem to approach ultimate in a compact one-box solution.”

Srajan Ebaen – May 2011
Publisher, 6moons.com
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As a recording studio, we rely on our equipment to provide us with the most honest reproduction of sound possible. We had the opportunity to put the Ressonessence Labs “Invicta” D/A unit thru its paces on a few mixing sessions. Right from the start, the Invicta provided a clarity of sound that was noticeable. The bottom end was more distinctive, the high end appeared to have more “air” and the detail of certain instruments became more evident. I would highly recommend this unit – R. Labs have done a great job!

Vytas Sinkevicius – May 2011
Tree Fort Music Studios
Kelowna, BC